Adaptive Clothing Guide

Exdup adaptive clothing styles are designed to simplify dressing and provide support, offering ease and comfort to meet a variety of accessibility needs. The designs are carefully curated with special access, sensory-friendly materials, easy-snap pants and much more.


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Easy Dressing

Designs and features such as easy-to-use closures, adjustable arm and leg openings, larger necklines and pull-up loops all help make getting dressed that much easier.

Wider neckline

Expanded opening to help pull over the head for easy on and off.

Functional leg opening

The adjustable leg opening is for larger access and includes a hidden closure.

Ease at body

Additional material through the body or midsection to maximize comfort.

Enlarged zipper pull

Zippers that are easy to grip for adjustable clothing.

Drawstring functionality

An elevated, adjustable waistline with drawstring for added security.

Reinforced belt loops

Thicker or added material to the belt loops that help with pulling pants up.

Reinforced pull-on loop

Typically located along the waistline with thick or added materials to help pull up pants.


Our adaptive clothing features a variety of different closures. Each provides versatility in style. From zippers to magnets, tops and bottoms are designed to suit people of all abilities.

  • Snap closure

    Provides accessible apparel adjustments and privacy.

  • Hook & loop closure

    Hidden functionality that attaches for added convenience.

  • Magnetic zipper closure

    Includes a magnetic connection that aligns at the bottom for ease and security.

  • Added zipper closure

    Features alternative openings to provide increased access.

  • Magnetic closure

    Secures clothing with quick and easy functionality using hidden magnets for seamless design.

  • Cord lock toggle fastener

    Adjustable, elastic drawstring with pushable fastener feature for garment security.

Sensory Friendly

These are thoughtfully selected fabrics with design aesthetics for people with sensory concerns, sensitive to certain textures and materials. Styles include flat and external seams, heat-sealed labels and soft fabrics providing comfort that is smooth to the touch.


1. Tag free

Provides added comfort and eliminates any discomfort caused by traditional clothing tags.


2. Sensory friendly seams

Soft and smooth to the touch seams for comfort to reduce any friction caused by seams.


3. Comfort waistband

Provides abdominal elasticity for all-day comfort and security.

Abdominal access

Thoughtfully designed clothing for a range of needs featuring sleek and convenient openings for quick and direct access.

  • Abdominal access

    Features openings in convenient places for quick and direct access to the abdomen.

  • Two-way zipper

    Designed for easy garment expansion and adjustable at top and bottom for multifunctional abdominal comfort.

Seated Comfort

These items are designed for unrestricted comfort and style for extended seated comfort. Higher backs and adjustable waistlines with adjusted pocket placements help provide more all-around comfort.

  • Thoughtfully placed pockets

    Strategically designed for easy access when seated to maximize comfort and convenience.

  • Longer-length top

    Provides full coverage of the lower back when sitting and while wearing protective underwear.

  • Wider through hip & thigh

    Creates added room at the hip and thigh to provide comfort while bending or sitting.

  • Higher rise

    Provides full coverage of the lower back when sitting and while wearing protective underwear.

  • Adjustable waistband

    Features an easily modifiable waist for abdominal comfort and security.