Floor Care Guide

The saying goes that a clean home is a happy home. Maintaining and cleaning the floors and ground surfaces of your home is essential to maintaining a clean, and happy, home. Here are just a few of the many floor care items to choose from at Exdup.

Vacuum Essentials

Vacuum Cleaners

When looking for a new vacuum cleaner, there are many factors to consider, such as type of surface, frequency of use and vacuum features for your vacuum. With so many choices available, it's important to find the right vacuum to fit your needs.

The 7 Most Popular Types of Vacuums

The 7 Types of Vacuums

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  • Upright

    Large areas, multi surfaces with additional accessories

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  • Stick

    Lightweight, easy to use on high trafficked surfaces, battery power and cordless

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  • Handheld

    Portable, lightweight, handheld, battery power

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  • Hard surface

    Polished feel to hardwood floors and tile

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  • Canister

    Easy maneuverability, most efficient on hard surfaces or on smaller carpeted spaces

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  • Carpet cleaner

    Heavy duty professional grade cleaning

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  • Robotic

    Cordless, compact, convenient and programmable

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Surface comparison chart

To help compare the different types of vacuums and their intended uses, here is a chart that looks at the available options.





Hard surface


Carpet cleaners


Features to consider

To help decide which vacuum features are important to have, you'll need to know what type of surface you'll be cleaning and if furniture or stairs will also be cleaned with the vacuum. The type of surface and the size of your home should also be considered.


1. Bagless

No bags required to use and great for people with allergies due to the minimal contact with the dust.


2. Cordless

Lightweight and easier to move room to room. Not ideal for large homes due to limited run time on battery.


3. Pet Brush

Special roller brushes that don't get caught up with heavy dog and cat fur.


4. Tank capacity

The bigger the tank, the longer your deep cleaner runs without needing a water refill.


5. Multisurface

Ability to turn the brushroll on and off so you won't scratch your hard floor surfaces.


6. Auto empty

Allows more time between cleans before having to remove any dust and debris.


7. HEPA filter

A must-have for anyone who is sensitive to particles like dust, pet dander or allergens.

Extending the life of your vacuum.

When not maintained, the motor is put under additional stress and can shorten the life of your vacuum. You'll want to read the instruction manual for specific cleaning and maintenance items, but here are a few easy-to-do things for every vacuum cleaner.

  1. Change your vacuum cleaner bag or empty debris canister when needed. Do not overfill the bag or canister.

  2. Remove any easy-to-reach hair and debris from the brushroll after every use and do a deep clean every 3 months.

  3. Change or clean the vacuum filter. If the filter is washable, wash it every 3 months. Replace the filter as needed.