Intimates & Sleepwear Guide

Intimates and sleepwear have a wide range of possibilities to consider for both day and night. From bras, underwear and shapewear, to lingerie and sleepwear, feeling your best should never end. This guide will help you select your perfect match and uncover the many options to control your confidence.

Comfort & Style


Selecting the right bra involves not only determining your correct size but also understanding the different styles. Here is some important information on how to properly care for your bras and what measurements are needed to find your size. You'll also explore some designs that not only fit but feel comfortable and support you in all the right places.

Bra Types

Whether you're looking for a bra with more support or one that provides a little more lift, there's a bra out there for you. From T-shirt bras to push-up bras, the right fit for the right outfit can make all the difference in how you look and feel.

Full Figure

Full Figure

Designed with larger bands to provide more support for breasts above D cup.

Full Coverage

Full Coverage

Cups cover most of the breast for the fullest coverage and maximum comfort.



Creates the appearance of cleavage and provides maximum lift.



Gives support through structure and cups without an underwire.



Offers a smooth silhouette under clothes and complete coverage.



Designed to minimize bust projection and offer full support.



Provides firm support to minimize bust movement during activity and engineered for maximum comfort.



Ideal for strapless clothing or uniquely cut necklines.



Offers a wider set strap design and lower neckline coverage while shaping, supporting and lifting.



Designed with soft smooth inner cup fabric and hidden pockets to hold breast forms or shapers.



Designed with half-cups for low to moderate coverage while shaping and lifting.



Flexible fit to keep up with fluctuating cup sizes. Offers drop cups for quick and easy nursing.



Offers some support, typically without an underwire, as a layering piece for both fashion and function.



Back design is shaped to sit between shoulder blades and is typically found in a front-close or pull over style.

Measuring properly

Finding the perfect size bra involves taking measurements of both your band size and cup size. To start, put on your most favorite bra that fits you the best, and avoid wearing a padded or push-up bra.

  • Band Measurement

    Starting from your rib cage, take a snug and level measurement directly under your bust and go around your entire body. Round to the nearest inch.

  • Bust Measurement

    Starting over the fullest part of your bust, take a loose measurement over the fullest part of your bust and go around your entire body. Round to the nearest inch.

  • Bra Size

    Subtract the band measurement from your bust measurement. Use that difference in inches to find your cup size. Your recommended bra size is your band size plus your cup size.

How to Care For Bras

It's important to remember that bras are delicate garments that require special attention to maintain their shape and support. Proper care not only extends the life of your bras but also ensures that they remain comfortable and effective.

Hand wash your bras, especially those that contain an underwire.

Air-dry after washing.

If you prefer to use a washing machine, select the delicate cycle and use a mild detergent and lukewarm water.


From boxers and briefs to thongs or boyshorts, there are a plethora of styles, cuts and flattering silhouettes to choose from.

Underwear Types

The underwear you wear should not only help to keep you comfortable but also meet your activity level to ensure they continue to be comfortable throughout the day. Some underwear are better suited for formalwear or with a dress, while others are best for when you head to the gym.

  • Thong

    Low rise, minimal back coverage for a seamless look.

  • Bikini

    Moderate coverage, low rise, with thinner sides and a higher leg opening.

  • Hipster

    In between boyshorts and bikinis providing mid rise, moderate coverage.

  • Cheeky

    Medium rise, more narrow than a bikini cut to provide minimum coverage.

  • Hi-Cut

    Provides full front and rear coverage with high leg openings creating the appearance of longer legs.

  • Brief

    High rise, form-fitting, full-coverage silhouette.

  • Boyshort

    Mid to high rise, shaped like tight shorts providing full coverage over the hips and butt.

  • Period Absorbing

    Absorbent, machine-washable underwear, that helps with bladder leaks and period flow. Can come in different styles.

Underwear Construction

How your underwear is constructed or the types of materials they are made of each help to provide some unique characteristics. Find underwear constructed with the materials that best fits your activity level throughout the day. For example, lace can be a great way to add some flair and confidence on a night out, but cotton may be the best option for your next spin class.

  • Lace

    Breathable, delicate, woven

  • Cotton

    Breathable, durable, comfortable

  • Seamless

    No seams, no visible lines


Shapewear provides an excellent layer of support and comfort underneath your clothes or can be worn alone. Typically more form-hugging and adjustable in terms of length, waist size and straps, shapewear helps to enhance the silhouette of any outfit. Boost your confidence and comfort in any outfit, from slips to bodysuits.

Types of Shapewear

Some of the most popular forms of shapewear are panties, bodysuits and thigh slimmers. All are designed to do different tasks while providing maximum shape or lift potential. Shapewear helps everyone embrace their body type and feel empowered.

  • Panties

    Targets the rear, waist, tummy and hips for a smooth and slim silhouette.

  • Thigh Slimmers

    Slims and shapes the rear, hips, waist and thighs while providing all-over support and comfort.

  • Bodyshapers/Bodysuits

    Provides the most coverage from top to bottom, offering full-body shaping while targeting the back, midsection and rear.

  • Camisoles

    Targets the back and midsection to layer and shape to your style.

  • Slips

    Provides full, smooth coverage from top to bottom under a skirt or dress.

  • Waist Cinchers

    Slims and smooths the midriff, targeting the waist, tummy and back. Also referred to as girdles.

  • Torsettes

    Slims and smoothes the midsection, targeting the tummy and waist while allowing you to wear your own bra.

  • Leggings

    Shapes the bottom half of the leg, targeting the hips, rear, thigs and calves.

  • Tights/Pantyhose

    A range of firmness and designs to shape the waist, hips, thighs and rear.

  • Adhesive Bras/Accessories

    Convertible bras with invisible, moveable straps or strapless.

Control Measures

The level of control provided by shapewear ranges from light compression, or a gentle hug, to ultra firm and everything in between.



Lightly smoothes target areas for a more comfortable everyday look.



Mid-level support smoothes and shapes your target areas.



Sculpt your target areas with a supportive, firm level of control.



Shape, enhance and slim your target areas with an ultrafirm level of control.

1. Light

Light hug

2. Moderate

Mild hug

3. Firm

Firm hug

4. Ultrafirm

The most firm hug

Shapewear Technology

Shapewear technology has improved with features such as moisture-wicking materials, seamless designs and built-in bras for maximum comfort and support. With these advancements, achieving a flawless silhouette has never been easier or more comfortable.

  • Moisture Wicking

    Pulls out moisture and dries rapidly.

  • Seamless

    Smooth appeal under the garments.

  • Built-in Bra

    Supportive and convenience options.

Shapewear Looks

When it comes to completing any look, shapewear holds it all together. Whether you're slipping on a sleek fitted dress or need to smooth out your favorite pair of jeans, there's a shapewear solution for every outfit.


Sleek coverage under pants.


When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, comfort is key. Whether you prefer a loose top or full coverage with a robe, your choice of sleepwear can impact the quality of your rest. Discover all of the perfect options to suit your sleep and style.

Tops & Bottoms

Tops and bottoms are the foundation of most sleepwear sets and can be mixed and matched to create a variety of comfortable nighttime looks. Selecting the right combination also depends on your personal preference like a breezy pajama tank top or pants for a cozy night sleep.

  • Short Sleeve

    Provides a balance of breeze and covered comfort over half your arm.

  • Long Sleeve

    Provides warmth and comfort on your arms.

  • Pajama Tank Top

    Provides breeze and comfort without covering your arms.

  • Sleep Shirt

    Creates breeze and comfort.

  • Shorts

    Provides breeze and comfort covering half of your legs.

  • Pants

    Provides warmth and comfort all over.

  • Capris

    Cropped pants above the ankles.

Nightgowns & Robes

When it comes to bedtime attire, there are few things as classic and comfortable as nightgowns and robes. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a classic nightgown or the added coverage of a luxurious robe, there's a style for every sleepwear personality.

Nightgowns & Robes Sets

Comfortable, loose fitting

Sleepwear Sets

Sleepwear sets are a popular choice, typically coming in two pieces, providing warmth and comfort. Accessories and three-piece robes are also popular choices, adding an extra layer of coziness to elevate your nighttime routine.

  • Two Piece

    Two-piece sets include top and bottom

  • Three Piece

    Three-piece sets include top, bottom and robe

  • Three-Piece Options

    Three-piece sets include short and pant bottoms and short- or long-sleeve tops


The materials used can make all the difference in how it fits and feels on your skin. Each material offers its own unique benefits and can be chosen based on personal preference and occasion.

Material Types

Sleepwear and lingerie materials come in a variety of fabrics, including satin, lace and cotton, so you can choose what feels best against your skin.

  • Satin

    Soft, shinny, durable

  • Lace

    Breathable, delicate, woven

  • Cotton

    Breathable, durable, comfortable